OGNL Support

MyBatis uses OGNL to support dynamic SQL which is very powerful. You can find more details about OGNL at Dynamic SQL.

You can use it with following elements in dynamic SQL:

  • if
  • when
  • bind
  • dynamic parameter

MinBatis integrates OGNL to support auto-completion, inspections, navigation, refactoring, etc.


OGNL Identifier

Our previous MyBatis plugin can’t parse OGNL identifier well which causes some features (e.g., identifier chain, find usage, rename refactor, etc.) are missing. MinBatis parses OGNL identifier the right way which provides the missing features.


Parameter Object Key

MinBatis uses custom lexer to handle _parameter, you can use _parameter as normal identifier in OGNL

Identifier Highlighting

identifier highlighting

Method Invocation

method invocation

Type Inference

type inference