Find Usage

When you write or edit code, you might come across a code element that you want to change or delete. Before you make the changes, it is a good practice to see where the code element is used and how it affects the application. With the Find Usages actions you can search for the references of your code element throughout the whole codebase. You can find more about Find Usage at Search for usages.

With MinBatis, you can find the usage of elements that may be potentially used by MyBatis framework. You can also use Declaration or Usage action to find usages if the caret is placed at the declaration element.

Attribute Value

attribute value

Getter/Setter Method

getter setter

Bean Field

getter setter




param annotation

Constructor Parameter


Table Column

table column

Mark Symbol as Used

Without MinBatis, some symbols will be marked as never used or never assigned by IntelliJ IDEA even if it’s actually used by MyBatis framework.

never used

MinBatis can detect those symbols used by MyBatis framework and mark them as used, finally the highlighting is gone. This also works for private members.

used by MyBatis